Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Fire Station Visit

The children enjoyed visiting the Oakura Fire Station as part of our Firewise unit. They had lots of fun learning about being fire safe and enjoyed seeing Fireman Matt and Fireman Jonathan in their special fire suits. They got to explore the fire trucks and even have a turn of the fire hose.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Happy Mothers Day!

Portraits of our Mums using paper and vivid's.

Life Education

The children loved visiting Harold and Megan in the Life Education bus. They learnt about what their bodies needed to be healthy; exercise, food, water, oxygen, and friends. Harold shared some videos and books with the children and discussed the importance of teamwork and building resilience. The children learnt some problem solving strategies when participating in team games. Thanks Harold, we learnt lots!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

We Are Bucket Fillers

We all have an invisible bucket that we carry around everyday. Your bucket holds your good thoughts and feelings. When your bucket is full you are happy, and when it is empty you are sad or angry. You need to fill yours and other peoples buckets everyday. By being kind and saying or doing nice things we fill buckets. When we are mean and say or do hurtful things we are being bucket dippers. Would you choose to be a bucket filler or a bucket dipper?



At the end of Term 1 the juniors were involved in Skills4life with Manuel. During these sessions the children were focusing on developing their throwing and catching skills through various games and activities. They were also learning how to work collaboratively with their peers and to give things a go even if they were hard. They especially enjoyed target throwing and working together to count their teams total scores. 


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sensational Scooter Skills

On Friday the 10th February the Gecko and Penguin Rooms enjoyed an afternoon learning about scooter safety. We learnt how to fit out helmets correctly, safe ways to stop and sneaky driveways. We had lots of fun!  
Here we go! 
Listening carefully to instructions.

Action man/minion.

Safe stopping.

Practising with safe stopping.